How to exchange dollars at Sleepfoe Marketplace?

You can now easily exchange dollars from any wallet like PayPal, WebMoney, Pioneer, etc, from the Sleepfoe Marketplace and withdraw money through any of your mobile banking.

And today we will see you you can do this step by step.

Step 01: To do that first you have to log in to your Sleepfoe Marketplace account.

Step 02: Go To Dollar Exchange Section. 

Step 03: Select the wallet from which you want to send your dollar. Suppose we want to send from Web Money.

Step 04: Select the receiver wallet in which you want to receive your Taka. Suppose we want to receive in Bkash Personal. 

Step 05: Now Enter your contact number to connect with you and your Bkash number to receive the amount.

Step 06: After submitting the form you will get this type of interface. Where you can find the wallet id to send dollars. Now copy this wallet id and go to your Web Money Purse.

Step 07: Click on Transfer.

Step 08: Select "To Purse"

Step 09:  Now enter wallet id you copied from Sleepfoe Marketplace. Then enter your dollar amount. Write your name in the "Note" section. Keep the transfer type on normal, Then click on next

Step 10:  After clicking next your will got a confirmation code on you phone as a call. write the code in the Confirmation code section and that's it. Your transfer has been made.

Now just wait for your message of receiving taka on bkash. For more, you can talk to your manager or get help from the marketplace live chatting option. Thank you

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